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She: You need to start listening again.
He: Look at this, that volcano up north is active again.
She: You need to start listening again.
He: I am listening to you. I was also listening to the news.
She: You can't do both at once.
He: But you aren't listening to me either; there's a volcano, earthquakes, etc.
She: Yes I was, but I refused to acknowledge it. Until you registered hearing me first.
He: Uh, perhaps we should forget that, about acknowledging. Maybe we should both just talk.
She: Actually, the funny thing is, I told you about the volcano five minutes ago.
He: ...They say it's not too serious.
She: [pause] No, it isn't.
He: How can they ignore a volcano, though? It's pretty serious for the people around there, anyway.
She: Yeah, ignore at your peril.
He: Not that they can do anything about it.
She: Yeah, that's what I was saying, five minutes ago.
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