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What's life worth to you

We've all read stuff about the exact value of the human life. I was thinking about this last night as I drifted off to sleep: what if we applied this concept to white collar crime? Let's let researchers pick a number from out of their research assistant's cute little butt and set the value at e.g. $1.54 million. Ok then, that means Richard Grasso might get the equivalent of several dozen counts of involuntary manslaughter when it turns out he used his influence and corrupt failure to regulate to get other members of the board to give him his millions. And anyone who steals that 1.5 mill with genuine evil, malice aforethought - such as the Enron people - gets mandatory life minimum in prison without parole, with possibility of the death penalty. You know what? That would make me, raving liberal, support the death penalty.

It really would. If the state [i.e. you and me and our elected representatives acting as one] suddenly started hanging rich white criminals from dirty gibbets at some sort of appreciably equivalent level to the rate we [you and me, yes us] kill poor blacks & latinos [that's right, you and I are killers, never forget that: carry that knowledge with you, it's just something you are as an American...], I think my objection to the death penalty would evaporate, poof, snap, gone, dead, buried, forgotten.
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