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Technical Diffies

Are now somewhat mitigated (was having trouble for a week with the pages expiring, and couldn't post, but I've figured out a slightly annoying workaround for myself). The time off was well spent wondering if I am wasting my time doing this, looking for work (or as I call it "financial masturbation") and trying to figure out the best adjective for describing the difference between white meat and dark meat - dark is more - loamy? swampy?
"We know which kind of meat we like best, but few of us know the reason for the difference... It's a question of fibers."

So I should be back to roughly 1 post per day now. Perhaps after being backed up for a week, I will burst forth with a diarrhea-like torrent of clever insight, we shall see. Patient reader, you will no doubt be waiting with your mouth open in suspense.
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