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XL fits all

Been thinking about a program for promoting leftwing agenda as a(n) Xian agenda.  There's not a whole lot on the subject, surprisingly - Google's first few posts are mainly encyclopedia entries which mention such prominent current thinkers as Tolstoy (and I'm a Dostoevsky guy, doncha know).  You make a list of all the Xian things that the right pushes, and stack the left's agenda against it, but cleverly recast the things on the left in terms of WWJD: 

Abortion = Murder                      Caring for the Sick (universal health care as Xian responsibility)
Gay Marriage Bad                       Christian Nonviolence (no aggressive wars "   "             "         )
Abstinence not Condoms              Tending the Garden (environmentalism     "   "             "         )
Decency on Airwaves                   Eye of the Needle (punishing greedy CEOs "   "             "         )
Creationism is a Science               God Loves All His Children (truly equal schools "    "      "       )
'God' in Pledge/Courthouse         No Moneychangers in Temple (campaign finance reform " " "  )
...etc... it needs some work, maybe that last one is a bit strained...
Obviously the beauty is it's true: atheist socialists are far more christian in what they preach than members of the religious right.  Just as the left decries how beholden the right is to the regressive fundamentalists, so should progressives seek to extricate Democratic party rhetoric from godlessness - crazy but tautological when you think about it.*  Sensible politics: the media has been saying for years that this nation is more religious than Europe, and possibly also going through some sort of regularly scheduled millenial revival; we on the left should just accept it and try to work with it.

*brings to mind one of my favorite quotes, "A great truth is a truth whose opposite is also a great truth" - Niels Bohr

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