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An aside about finding your voice - I mean, my voice, here, for this web log -

At this early date, I'm most comfortable here with a sort of cleaned-up full-sentence version of a shorthand voice that I use for my note-taking, which developed out of my work style at college: as I read a book or listened to a lecturer, I would occasionally write down thoughts as I went, interpolated with relevant quotes from whatever I'm working on.  It's a bit tortuous at times, and I have a tendency to use jargon from all sorts of disciplines in my own idiosyncratic way, without explaining how my use of a term veers from the natural way such tools are used.  Eventually (by summer's end) I should be much clearer to read, because I will have settled on a more focused subject matter for this venue.

Here, it's a bit new to me, because I am using one of my uninhibited private-writing techniques (I have three main other private writing styles: [A] cobbling a fictional story up from the raw lumber of notes, [B] writing letters to friends and family I don't intend to send, [C] recording noteworthy dreams and bad french pseudo-poetry), and it's clearly inadequate for the long haul.  But it is what it is, for now.  Actually, as it is when it was so it shall be: for my thoughts in the days before the flood were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that I entered the ark, and they did not understand until the flood came and took them all away; so shall the coming of this blog be. (that's from the gospel of Matthew, by the way)

I.e., what I want is not to destroy that earlier form of note-taking self-writing, which I do find amusing and interesting when I reread it; I want to use this new outlet to change it, so that my notes to myself gradually become more outward-looking, permanent in intent, limpid and universal, engaged not just with the text or voice I am hearing, but with the world.
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