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Thinking about the blue of the sea

-Thought more about the blue of the sea today (i.e., where the color comes from). My theory (that it comes from the sky) also explains why it's black at night.

-Saw a bunch of gulls swarming people at sunset feed time. Was struck by the idea that the female gulls probably get .5 or .6 pieces of bread for every piece the males get, and this made me a bit depressed.

-The sand castles of a given stretch tell you whether you're in public beach or private beach - shoddy slum castles crowded round each other and falling apart, vs. huge earthworks with moats, canals and scattered bits of toys. I wonder whether children in the age of chivalry made sand castles based on their homes, or those of their masters. Better yet, did children before castles make castles?

-If it is not the case that waves are caused by the beating of the heart of the earth, nevertheless there would be no difference if the earth had a heart which did beat. Like the sound of one's beating heart, the waves are almost immediately inaudible, as if one quickly falls partly asleep in the pleasant heat.

-I've not read any of the relevant statistics, but looking around here, it seems that if you aren't a grossly overweight American, you are grossly underweight. Either you expend an enormous amount of care & effort on your body, or you roll over and let our chemical culture have its way with you. Certainly you never see mismatched couples, 1 large 1 small, as you once did. They would need entirely separate kitchens, nowadays.

-Nudists must wonder, "How long until we will get a nudist president?"

-I was trying to remember whether birds only either are hoppers or walkers, or if there are also hop-walkers.

-When you tan, you don't think too much about the sun. Our heat sense is a bit deeper in the dermis than touch & pain, so one gets the impression that tanning wells up in the flesh, rather than being lavished upon the edges of us by direct beams from heaven.

-I suppose dolphins can easily detect pregnant humans who bravely lumber into the water. The ocean smells like the womb: our life is full of such coincidences. Anyway men at Seaworld probably pay close attention to the dolphins' flight paths when their girlfriends get in the tank.

-I wonder if the more sophisticated avians have developed rudimentary breasts. Sea gulls have milky looking bellies. It's true only (and all) mammals nuzzle, but some parakeets mimic this behavior (a tropism). We always forget the definition of "mammal" should probably be pinned on the drinking, not the dripping; otherwise only females would be mammals. Like all chicken-egg problems, there is a clear answer, in this case the lip came before the pap (that word "pap" reminds me of the opening scene in the Brothers Karamazov, when Fyodor is ridiculing Zossima, he thanks heaven for the woman that suckled such a great man, "especially the paps, particularly the paps!"). NB - must look into the linguistic logic of the new term "only/all" as a possible mirror term for "either/or".

-Through a geographic quirk, the sun neither rises nor sets on the water here at Stewart beach - it uses the seam where sand zips into sea. This probably accounts for a coarsening of the residents here, comparatively...

-A few dozen yards back from the waves and the sound suddenly changes: that's where it really does sound like a seashell at the ear. It sounds like leaving.

-I dunno why but I always have assumed there's a slight bow to the ocean, and that at the shore the water is a bit further down than out a half mile or so. This would accentuate the famous curve of the horizon one sees from the beach.

-A shy person looking for love knows the sea is full of fish, yet can spend a lifetime grasping with his bare hands. Perhaps he reflects, how much less painful for the fish this way... You're struck by how empty the sea is. You might settle for a clam or a crab... with bare hands it's not always painless.

-They say when the gray whales come back to their favorite spots in California, their songs abruptly change. Anthropomorphization is pretty odd stuff. Sometimes I think the big project of science itself is a case of anthropomorphizing, trying to view the world through a filter of what it means for us alone. But maybe, just maybe, when we listen to whale song, we are doing the opposite - we are animorphizing, trying to pretend we are whales.

-The term "dream job" can be inverted to mean "jobs that, if I did that for a living, and self-identified into it so much that I dreamt about it, and I was naked in the dream, it wouldn't matter".. Like, you deal with algae all day, you dream about it, but in your naked dream you don't freak out, because you're underwater. This also applies to porn stars and probably all the support crew on the porn set (if the cameraman suddenly gets naked, who could object?). People I wonder about re: naked dreams...
People who don't dress themselves, such as Steven Hawking and J. Lo
People who not only don't dress themselves, but would be afraid & conflicted when trying to cover their privates with their hands - such as those guys with guinness book fingernails
People who sunburn easily - are their naked dreams more traumatic?
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