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Note to elf:

Track down this and this by Ben Marcus, who wrote this of course, one of your favorites; and investigate the people he mentions here, including him and her and him, but not him & him who you have already finished investigating almost completely.

I mention this because I just read this worthy attempt of a crossover book, and I am beginning to formulate some sort of dictum that goes sort of like, "Never read novels in one sitting, dip into them at random, as one does with the bible; as for things meant to be read straight through, these include textbooks (meant to be crammed in a night), anthologies (meant to display the editor's skill in juxtaposition), cereal boxes and newspapers (meant to help soothe the transition to a waking state), sex manuals (meant to induce drowsiness, or meant to be crammed in the night), dictionaries and other references (meant to assist alien visitors), vols of poetry (not meant to be read at all)."
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