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Still getting the hang of this, as Cole Porter would say the slang and tang and harangue of this, the pang and sturm und drang of this...

Anyways, by the end of the summer I'll get around to putting together a homepage, with music to download (mine and other people's, and most importantly, mixtures thereof), pictures of important people in my life such as myself, artwork and mp3s of me snoring and so on. Until then, things will be pretty minimalist here. Bau to the haus.

I'm not really sure how much political stuff I want to write, because it's some kind of conviction of mine that only experts should really discuss policy; ideally it's the job of the democratic everyman to respond to the experts' pitches and ignore the partisan commentators and paid-for journalists. Then you vote, and in between times talk about it with your friends/family to spread the message, and if necessary, organize. So if you're talking politics, either you're an expert (good), an everyman (good), or a commentator (bad), or a journalist (in theory, good, in practice, bad).

So long as I don't put my political viewpoints through my English major filter, I think I'll be ok. i.e. trying to analyze narrative thrust of Daschle or something. You know, his epistemic vagueness which recontextualizes our despair into his nambiness, his pambiness and (as Cole Porter would say) his bleating-heart lambiness.
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