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The epidemic of obesity

As a smoker, I'm pretty excited about obesity becoming a full-fledged disease. It will take some of the heat off me. The same people who sneer at me as I smoke in public will also sneer at those with a Big Gulp of Mt. Dew, which is pretty addictive or so I've heard.

I don't smoke too much - I'm a recreational smoker, and in some social circumstances a binge smoker - I've been known to overdo it, and wake up next to some stranger I was smoking with the night before, & our breath is pretty terrible - you can easily set your bed on fire in the hazy company of such people - but one of the interesting things about smoking nowadays is that there are many places that are so off-limits for smoking that there isn't an ash tray anywhere in sight of many public buildings, so you just have to throw your butts on the ground, grind them with your shoe, then pick them up to throw them in the trash. Or you just leave them on the ground, obviously. A silent protest.

The frightening thing about obesity is that you know that the morbidly obese don't eat the tastiest foods very much. Alcoholics don't drink microbrews, champagne or fine scotch, they drink the worst sorts of sludge, and that's sad, but at least they get drunk and don't care; the obese just eat junk because that's all they can afford. Good food is expensive, time-consuming to prepare, and it's all about details, whiffs of sage, only eating pasta within the first 5 minutes of coming out of the boiling water... It makes you think about nymphomaniacs, are they the same way? After a while, it would have to be just a restless quantity hunt. Of course, it would be pretty interesting for America to declare war on nymphomania. It is kinda the flip side of obesity, the dark underbelly of our current interest in being too huge to move.

I'm all for the fat tax, of course. The twinkie tax. Sin should be taxed, not outlawed. Just like gay "marriage" - tax it, like other kinds of marriage. Anybody who hates our drug laws should support this sort of regulation, because you don't want the state to outlaw Twinkies; you want the state to become addicted to the tax revenue the way its citezans are addicted to Twinkies. You want the state to recognize more vices, and stop treating drugs like magic weapons. You want the feds to have to deal with truckloads of unstamped Twinkies smuggled in from Canada. That's what I want.
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