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Abstract Music

Bought a few dollar records at the goodwill yesterday, with my player 800 miles away. It was a good little haul though, and gave me much pleasure. I may not listen to them when I pick up my turntable in August; I may not get around to all of them until Autumn. It's a game you indulge in, buying records; like a child in a movie about 1940s NYC who passes an alley chalked for hopscotch, I stop and play. That's the quiet way of playing records... there's a great Otis Redding lp (dictionary of soul), a Sinatra record I've been looking for for a few years (softly as I leave you), the first Quicksilver M.S. lp in very decent shape, Jackie Mason's first lp with a very young man on the cover who looks almost disconcertingly normal if smugly impish, a fantastic looking barely played lp of Elizabethan dulcimer music by one Randy Wilkinson (must be transcriptions)...

...and the real find of the day, a homemade record made by a couple of nurses, calling themselves the Mad Hatters, singing apparently humerous songs about tuberculosis. I'm imagining something like the Roches meets Ween. I googled them only finding a passing reference dated 2003 - but the hairstyles on this wonderful platter date to the late 70s, I think; anyway, it's hair like my mother's was back then. I'll certainly be mp3ing this and offering it to those in the found music community... this is the first unique object like this I've found in the dollar bin, and it's quite exciting.
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